About us

History of our project and didactic

A little history.

Camila Fontán and Matías Díaz met on July 2009. Both were giving tango lessons on their own, but both were dreaming of creating a different kind of meeting place for the tango community. A place that would be a breeding ground for a new generation of dancers and lovers of tango. And that is how, in June of 2010, Abrazando Tangos was born. Back then it was located in the Almagro neighborhood. After 5 years they felt it was time for a change, and took one more step towards the school they always dreamt of. They moved to the Colegiales neighborhood and open the new Abrazando Tangos School. As of today, the school has hosted more than 350 nights of tango activities and more than 200 new students have joined the milonguero circuit.

Methodology and teaching style.

We start by strengthening the confidence of our students, we provide the needed technical tools so each person can find their own way of expressing themselves while dancing.

We develop a plan for each student according to their capabilities.

Each lesson has the following didactic: warm-up, body awareness, technique of new tango elements, figures and improvisation. We use different resources as needed, we want to see you soon at the milongas, dancing and having a good time. It is possible to dance tango!

Did you know you are invited free to your first lesson?